Secular Hub Renewing Member Payment

If you are a new member, please use our New Member form. This page is for current members' dues payment.

Please pay your membership dues using one of the two methods below. The Annual Membership payment only requires a credit card and is a one-time charge. The PayPal Subscription payment requires a PayPal account (free and setup during payment) and is charged periodically (yearly or monthly) to your credit card so your membership will never expire.

Annual Membership

These are annual memberships with a duration of 12 months only. Make sure you select the payment level of your current membership or increase it if you can.

Annual Membership

Subscription Membership

If you want to change your existing subscription level, you have to cancel your current subscription on PayPal's web site and use this area to create a new subscription at the new level. If you have paid annually (PayPal or check) in the past and would like to change to a subscription, select the level and period (we prefer yearly) below and click "Subscribe" to setup (or use your current) account on PayPal.

Membership Subscription